Below are links to manuals used in OPT:

Proficiency in Reading:

Manual for Tutors and Teachers of Reading

The Letter Stories

Manuals covering numerous psychological skills:

Illustrated Stories That Model Psychological Skills

Programmed Readings for Psychological Skills

A Programmed Course in Psychological Skills Exercises

Plays That Model Psychological Skills

Psychological Skills Questions On Novels

Instructions On Psychological Skills

Exercises for Psychological Skills -- non programmed format, original version

Anxiety reduction, courage:

A Programmed Course in Anxiety Reduction and Courage Skills

Social Skills:

Friendship Building and Social Skills

Conflict-Resolution (joint decision-making) and Anger Control:

Conflict-Resolution and Anger Control

Self-Discipline Skills:

A Programmed Course in Self-Discipline

Some Manuals on Math Skill:

Learning Math Facts With the Broken Number Line

Reading About Math

Task Switching and Set Shifting (Also for attention skills)

Study skills for students:

Being a Successful Student

Career success skills, especially for those on the autism spectrum:

Career Success For Those On Autism Spectrum

Some manuals for parents:

A Programmed Course for Parents

The Competence Approach to Parenting

Reinforcement and Punishment -- Vignettes for Practice in Applied Behavior Analysis

A Program of Ranks and Challenges as applied to psychological skills:

Ranks and Challenges, Student Manual

Ranks and Challenges Tester Manual

Books about psychoeducational tutoring

Psychoeducational Tutoring

Guidelines for Psychoeducational Tutors