More Resources for OPT Tutors and Tutors-In-Training

1) The Basics 

First, have you explored our About OPT materials? See these for discussions of questions like:

What are psychological skills? 

What is psychoeducation? 

What is alternate reading?

What are psychological skills exercises? 

and Why do we think psychoeducation is the answer to some very big challenges? 

And have you explored our Curriculum? See this page for a summary, and browse our books here.

2) Key Book Chapters, General

Here are book chapters (from various of our books) that are particularly relevant to general matters of instruction and psychoeducation:

The Big Ideas, or even more big ideas key to psychoeducation, this time directed at instructors.

Skills for the Instructor, or an introduction to key teaching skills.

Hierarchies, Steps, and the Challenge Zone, or an introduction to hierarchies of difficulty, particularly in reading and psychological skills.

On Differential Reinforcement and Shaping, from a book directed at parents (but very relevant for all behavior modifiers!).

On Effort-Payoff, from a programmed book directed at students.

On Tones of Approval and Enthusiasm, from a programmed book directed at students working on friendship-building skills.


4) Videos: What tutoring can sound like; what we hope it will sound like! 

Coming soon


5) Assorted Handouts and Forms

Sample questions for the Celebrations Interview: for guidance in conducting a celebrations interview.

An outline of Psychological Skills Exercises: for a sense of which exercises are associated with which other pieces of the curriculum.

Monthly Review Form, which tutors submit at the conclusion of each month.