Another non-programmed book, with advice for parents on how to promote psychological skill development in their children. Quick hint: get familiar with the positive examples of these skills that run through all these books. Watch for the positive examples your child does (he or she is already doing some of them!) Get excited over those, and remember them, and talk about them later on. If you can muster the energy, make a written diary of them, and use this diary just as we use the stories and plays that model psychological skills. Greet positive examples with excited, enthusiastic tones of voice, and respond to the negative examples with monotones or nothing at all, so as to create “differential reinforcement” working in favor of more positive examples.


This book also contains other tips, amounting to nearly 600 pages of them. Parents can select according to which chapters are relevant to them.


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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: What is the Competence Approach?
Chapter 4: Rejoicing Over Positive Examples
Chapter 5: Differential Reinforcement and Shaping