Group 9: Friendship-building

  • Discernment and Trusting. Accurately appraising others. Not distorting with prejudice, overgeneralization, wish-fulfilling fantasies. Deciding what someone can be trusted for, and trusting when appropriate.
  • Self-disclosure. Disclosing and revealing oneself to another when it’s safe.
  • Gratitude. Expressing gratitude, admiration, and other positive feelings toward others.
  • Social initiations. Starting social interaction; getting social contact going.
  • Socializing. Engaging well in social conversation or play.
  • Listening. Empathizing, encouraging another to talk about his own experience.


- Book excerpts, Instructions on Psychological Skills:


- Sample Friendship-building modeling story, Programmed Readings for Psychological Skills:

     Brock was on a playground. He saw a younger boy. The boy looked lonesome.

     Brock said to his friend, "Let's help the young boy have fun."

     Brock said, "Would you like to throw the ball with my friend and me?"

     The boy said, "I'm not too good at throwing and catching."

     Brock said, "That's OK. I'll stand close."

     Brock threw the ball gently. He and his friend said, "Good catch! Good throw!"

     After that they talked with the boy. The boy was glad to make some older friends.


A. kindness and friendship-building,


B. conservation and loyalty?