One of the most basic skills that permits tutoring to take place over the telephone is the child's ability to “get on the same page,” literally, with the tutor. For our very youngest students, Jillian and Joe Strayhorn created this book to provide practice at page-finding skills. There is a prominent page number at the bottom of each page, a color picture on each page, and a word or phrase naming the picture. With this tool, the child can get practice at finding pages by number; once at that page, the child can describe the picture so that the tutor can know if the page-finding was correct. There are a variety of other early reading and mathematics activities that can be done with this book. Early readers will benefit from simply associating the written words with the pictures. And early mathematicians can use this book as a folded-up version of the number line. If you start on page 6, for example, and jump 4 pages forward, you wind up on page 10, proving to yourself that 6+4=10.

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