This was the first book written in the “programmed” format that has proved to be so well suited for telephone tutoring. There are short passages of text – sometimes brief vignettes illustrating certain concepts – followed by a quick comprehension question. The tutor and the student take turns reading these to each other, the student answers the comprehension questions, and the tutor usually gets to give enthusiastic confirmation of the student's answers. This manual gives over a hundred more examples of the sixteen skills and principles; a chapter on reducing fears; a chapter on conflict-resolution; a chapter on ways of listening to another person; an eleven-chapter novella giving practice at identifying types of thoughts, and more. The twelve-thought categorization is our rendition of much of the healing subject matter of cognitive therapy.


Excerpts and Related Materials
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Table of Contents
The Sixteen Skills and Principles
Excerpt 1, from Examples of Sixteen Skills
Excerpt 2, from Dilemmas
Excerpt 3, from The Twelve Thought Exercise
Excerpt 4, from Ways of Listening to Another Person
All Sixty-Two Psychological Skills