Group 8: Respectful Talk

  • Respectful talk, not being rude. Being sensitive to words, vocal tones, and facial expressions that are accusing, punishing, or demeaning, and avoiding them unless there is a very good reason.


- Book excerpt, Instructions on Psychological Skills:


- Sample Respectful Talk modeling story, Programmed Readings for Psychological Skills:

     A boy had a sister. She was four years old. She came to her brother. She had a big smile. She said, "Guess what! I can count to five! One, two, three, four, five!" 

     The boy was not in a good mood. He felt like putting her down. He felt like saying, "So what. You're not so great. Other four-year olds can count to 100."

     But he stopped himself. He thought, "I don't want to hurt her feelings. I want to do what's right." So he said to her, "That's great. You're really on your way! You're learning how to count well."

     She smiled even more. He felt good about his choice.


A. self-care,


B. respectful talk?