Psychological Skills: The Skills That Make Life Better

We conceptualize psychological skills in two main ways: 1) with a collection of 16 skill categories, and 2) with a more extensive list of 62 skills that make up those categories. The gallery below is organized around the sixteen skill categories. Click among its items to learn more about each category and component skills. 

Book excerpts for each category are drawn from Instructions on Psychological Skills and Programmed Readings for Psychological Skills. To learn more about how these books are used in our curriculum, see here

To open a printable PDF list of the 16 skill categories, with elementary definitions, click here. For a similar list of all 62 skills, click here.

Productivity. Joyousness. Kindness. Honesty.

Fortitude. Good Decisions. Nonviolence. Respectful Talk.

Friendship-building. Self-discipline. Loyalty. Conservation.

Self-care. Compliance. Positive Fantasy Rehearsal. Courage.

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